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Hunter X Hunter 371 Spoiler Release:Kurapika asks the participants whether they want to resume the lesson or not. Kurapika and Bill are questioning Shimanu. After being asked if she killed Barigen or not, Shimanu denies it. Shimanu argues that it could be Wobble’s nen beast that killed Barigen, but Kurapika explains the difference between Nen beasts and the snake. Nen beasts can be seen by Nen users but not by normal people. This time everyone was able to see the snake, and it’s likely the snake was created through a conjurer’s ability. Using Nen means that you take the risk of being seen by normal people but it also increases the power of the attack. The parasitic type cannot be seen by normal people, but the one using that power takes a different type of risk. At that moment, Kurapika comes up with a thought. If one person drops out of the succession war, then the contract will be broken and it’s likely that everyone’s Nen beats will vanish. They resume the Nen lesson and no one dropped out. 5th floor: Some random guys are forcing people to pay a toll fee. The phantom troupe appear. Phinks, Nobunaga, Feitan, and Franklin are there. They beat up the random guys and order them to find a person who is taller than 190cm. Lower Level: Machi meets up with Chrollo. She tells him that she will be the one to kill Hisoka, but Chrollo says the one who finds him first is allowed to kill him. Apparently, Hisoka is on the ship too. Somewhere on the first floor: There are 14 Capsules in a big room. Momoze’s corpse is inside one of the Capsules. The Capsules are connected with a cable to a machine that is in the center of the room.


Neinhart is a member of Emperor Spriggan's elite personal guard: the Spriggan 12. He also leads the Neinhart Squad, his own personal squad, within the Alvarez Empire. Neinhart is a slender man who has a rather effeminate appearance, including long eyelashes and long, light-colored hair pulled into a ponytail, with a long, pointed face who wears a jointed suit of armor over the top of a dark, frilly shirt. The chest piece is decorated with two rose patterns, as well as trapezoidal designs that run across the abdominal portion; the frills of Neinhart's shirt come up through the v-shaped neck hole of his armor, around which is tied a cravat.

In each arm, Neinhart has pauldrons  emblazoned with the mark of the Alvarez Empire, couters tied above his cubital fossa, and gauntlets that are also decorated with the trapezoidal pattern (frills from the sleeve of his shirt also protrude from the gauntlets). Neinhart also wears plain, dark trousers, and on each leg are poleyns and greaves, whereupon the greaves are also decorated with with the aforementioned trapezoidal pattern. He finishes his attire with what appears to be sabatons for footwear, and three pairs of fur balls, each set located on his respective collarbone and his left hip. Though not much of Neinhart's personality has been shown, he has proven himself to be quite defiant, as he blatantly ignored his Emperor, Zeref, who summoned him to a meeting for the entire Spriggan 12 (despite the fact that he was present in the castle at the time), and then when he arrived at Hargeon with Wahl and Dimaria, he refused to exit the ship and assist in the battle. Neinhart is issued a summons by Zeref to attend a meeting directed at the entire Spriggan 12 to discuss the impending war between Ishgar and the Alvarez Empire, as well as his desire to procure Fairy Heart; though he arrives in the palace, he refuses to attend the meeting.

Following the meeting, Neinhart is deployed in a fleet numbering in the hundreds, leading it alongside Wahl and Dimaria, where they creep up to the south of Magnolia via sea travel and land at Hargeon Port. His comrades all exit the ships, however he adamantly refuses to partake in the fight, and instead sits by his lonesome on his particular ship. The next day, Neinhart sits on the mast of his ship in Port Hargeon as Jellal, Erza and Kagura board it to defeat him. He bears witness to them reunite with what Jellal recognizes to be an imposter of Simon, Kagura's brother that he killed years ago, and when he points this out, Neinhart whimsically chimes in that what they're viewing is their own "historia", a historia that he finds to be a sordid, beautiful tale of love, friendship, family, betrayal and death. Immense Magic Power: As a member of the Spriggan 12, Neinhart's Magic Power is incredulous; his levels of strength are stated to be on par with those of the strongest Mage in Ishgar and strongest of the Ten Wizard Saints: God Serena, and were stated to be roughly equal to that of fellow Shield of Spriggan Brandish μ's own, someone renowned for toppling entire nations single-handedly, and whose Magic Power exceeds Makarov Dreyar's own.

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