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Hunter X Hunter 371 Spoiler Release:Kurapika asks the participants whether they want to resume the lesson or not. Kurapika and Bill are questioning Shimanu. After being asked if she killed Barigen or not, Shimanu denies it. Shimanu argues that it could be Wobble’s nen beast that killed Barigen, but Kurapika explains the difference between Nen beasts and the snake. Nen beasts can be seen by Nen users but not by normal people. This time everyone was able to see the snake, and it’s likely the snake was created through a conjurer’s ability. Using Nen means that you take the risk of being seen by normal people but it also increases the power of the attack. The parasitic type cannot be seen by normal people, but the one using that power takes a different type of risk. At that moment, Kurapika comes up with a thought. If one person drops out of the succession war, then the contract will be broken and it’s likely that everyone’s Nen beats will vanish. They resume the Nen lesson and no one dropped out. 5th floor: Some random guys are forcing people to pay a toll fee. The phantom troupe appear. Phinks, Nobunaga, Feitan, and Franklin are there. They beat up the random guys and order them to find a person who is taller than 190cm. Lower Level: Machi meets up with Chrollo. She tells him that she will be the one to kill Hisoka, but Chrollo says the one who finds him first is allowed to kill him. Apparently, Hisoka is on the ship too. Somewhere on the first floor: There are 14 Capsules in a big room. Momoze’s corpse is inside one of the Capsules. The Capsules are connected with a cable to a machine that is in the center of the room.


August is part of the Alvarez Empire as one of the Spriggan 12, the protection guard of Emperor Spriggan. August is a tall, elderly man with long, white hair. He has a short mustache, and a lengthy, thin beard, reaching down to his upper torso. He wears a long, billowing, light-colored robe with tattered edges on its bottom portion and intricately designed linings on the sleeves. He keeps this robe tied together with a belt made of a seemingly rope-like material. August also wears a dark-colored cape, which juts out in spikes near his head and has the symbol of the Alvarez Empire emblazoned on its back.

The cape is kept in its place by a long cloth tied around it and August's neck and held fast by a spherical shaped clip. He completes this outfit with black boots and a wooden staff with a large orb at its tip.August is shown to be a respectful person, addressing Emperor Spriggan as "Your Majesty", unlike Ajeel's informal behavior. He is also very cryptic; giving wise statements to others. Despite this, he is rather protective of comrades, and says it is a painful thing to lose one. According to Jacob Lessio, he claims he has no sense of humor. August appears before Zeref and his fellow Spriggan 12 members and comments on the fact that Zeref seems happier than before, implying that it's because he found his answer to Ragnarok. Zeref replies that in Ishgar they actually call it the Dragon King Festival. At that moment, Yajeel appears bringing Makarov Dreyar in to have an audience with Zeref, and August, Dimaria, Ajeel, and Invel leave upon Zeref's request. He is later seen approaching Ajeel, having protected the Sand Mage with his magical barrier from Laxus Dreyar's lightning blast. Ajeel confronts him about his actions, while August states that it's painful to lose a comrade. Ajeel asks if August really thinks he would die from something like that, stating the old Mage has gone senile. At the meeting of the Spriggan 12, August bows his head and tells Zeref they are all prepared for the end; the war against Ishgar.

After Zeref states he wishes for mankind to perish, August responds that they are but pawns. August then takes off towards the west to arrive at Fiore's eastern border with God Serena and Jacob Lessio, along with a force equal to a million soldiers; along they way they fly over Bosco and annihilate the country and all their guilds between the three of them. Eventually, they arrive at the eastern border and leave their ships, where they encounter Draculos Hyberion, Wolfheim, Warrod Sequen and Jura Neekis waiting for them. August, alongside Jacob, remains completely uninvolved in God Serena's fight against his former comrades, and instead watches as he easily defeats them all by himself. August then continues to watch as God Serena's opponents launch a counterattack and leave him cornered; he stops Jacob from stepping in, citing that they rarely get to see God Serena's true power. The duo then witness God Serena utilize his various types of Dragon Slayer Magic and leave his foes in critical condition, after which August stops God Serena from killing them and comments on the latter being the Hybrid Theory: a man blessed by the Dragon Gods. The three Spriggans then make for Fairy Tail, but are halted by Acnologia, who strikes down only God Serena, leaving August utterly bewildered. As Jacob is about to use his Magic on Acnologia, August halts him, pointing out the Dragon King's strength. Having said that, August reminds Jacob about their primary objective; obtaining Fairy Heart. Later, after Jacob's defeat, when Brandish warns the Mages of Fairy Tail of the threat of August, the old wizard is briefly seen walking through a vast, empty lansdscape. Magical Barrier: August can conjure a barrier potent enough to protect those within from a blast of the magnitude released by Laxus Dreyar's lightning blast that completely dispersed the sand of fellow Shield of Spriggan Ajeel's Sands of Death, that left Ajeel astonished when witnessed. Magical Camouflage: August can camouflage his and others' Magical presence, preventing devices like Magic Radars to locate him and others.Immense Magic Power: August holds particularly terrifying reserves and strength in Magic Power, even going beyond what the other members of the Spriggan 12 normally have at their disposal, such that Makarov Dreyar, a member of the highly esteemed Ten Wizard Saints, was shown very visibly frightened of what August alone is capable of after seeing just some of his magical capabilities at work. Considered to be at a completely different level than that among any of his fellow Mages, August is rumored to possess the abilities to control every single element of Magic there is, even being able to control more types of Magic than Zeref himself is able to.

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