You can get an early Hunter X Hunter 371 spoilers of the manga every Tuesday while the hunter x hunter 371 scans English version were out on Wednesday.
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HunterXHunter 371
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Hunter X Hunter 371 Manga Release - Damn silent minority is a badass assassin ability 11 secs of choking a hoe? Thats fire it is a really bad double edged sword tho but with a guy with a fire brain it is very terrifying nice chapter tho b4 break glad togashi is coming back this year. Ps kurapika is lowkey a rachet/young savage makes me love him more. And muhan is gonna be another wild card. When shit hits the fan he's gonna be a key character I can feel the fuckboi radiating off him. I agree that it explains what kill woody. And I wonder why it needs to posses one of the maids that works for the 10th/11th princes in order to work. Also it interesting that one of it ten targets is a bodyguard of the 13th prince but not a bodyguard of the 4th prince. And I hope the hiatus isn't for a year again since I hear it might return by december. I will say, there are lots of pointless things that happened in this chapter. Plus there is a lot of pretentious observation talk. But on another note, I will admit it was also kind of intriguing to see kurikov's observation even though it's pointless for us because we'll never be able to do this kind of observation. Also, it was interesting to see how woble's bodyguards died even though there is too much mystery and still no answer.

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Get the latest hunter x hunter 371 spoiler pics and summaries here. Catch the latest hunter x hunter 371 spoilers, Read hunter x hunter 371 scans Online. I'd say the user is most definitely inside the room, because from the inner thoughts we've seen associated to silent majority, we know that the user has seen yurikov making a smug face during kurapika's speech. So he either is inside the room or is seeing the room through silent majority attached to the maid. I also find pretty difficult that the user wouldn't be in the room, as it would require him to either have made contact with the maid at some point, which is possible but we have not seen, or clear a difficult condition for it to simply pop in place like that. Hunter x hunter chapter 371 can be read in this page and will be updated to bring you the anticipated scanlations on its release date.

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So the steps for silent majority go like: the user conjures and attaches the zashiki doll to a target. The doll can only be seen by the owner of the ability and the target it is attached to. The owner can conjure up to four snakes called tsuchibokko. They attack by draining a person's blood. One tsuchibokko can drain all the blood of a person in 44 seconds, but if all four of them attack together, it takes only 11 seconds. If for some reason silent majority is unable to kill a person and is forcefully deactived, then the curse will turn against the user. I'm assuming case 3 happens if the tsuchibokko are eliminated by the use of a stronger ability of another user, which could be very likely to happen in the 11 seconds timespan. In this case the user would be attacked by the four snakes? I guess we need some more information.

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