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HunterXHunter 366
Hunter X Hunter 366 Manga Release - According to shimano, the first prince benjamin is a complete savage and he will just kill everybody he deems unworthy, women and children included. The third prince zhang lei is similar, but not as extreme as the first. And the fifth prince tubeppa is not as old-schooled as the two, as shimano said that he wants to gain amnesty to the lower princes, meaning he will spare the young ones. They absolutely cannot negotiate anything with benjamin, so talking to him is useless. So instead they will negotiate with the other two, because they have better chance of surviving that way. The situation with phone calls was pretty decent and the events with zhang lei were pretty good as well. But now that the situation with zhang lei has started to get a bit tense, I'll be interested to see just what the zhang lei's next move will be. Plus with the two bodyguards on standby, I can imagine that they might end up making a move, if zhang lei chooses to take the conversation elsewhere.

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The way I see it this is what I will do. Let the hand maid answer the call but seeing kuripika has no info on the other princes this most likely scenarios 1st prince seeing as he making all the power plays could is double edge sword he could help pika in his mission to get to the 4th prince. But benjamin also wants kill all the competition so that's no go since he have his word to protect wobble. But doing so makes benji powerful enemy 3rd prince most neutral and the less likely to take action since he making the call to get ore info on how pika thinks. He can be neutral ally in general some one he could make alliance with but with no real gain to anything so debatable 5th prince is now the most likely to help him but at the same time she being targeted by the 7 prince. And her assumption that the lower princes won't fight back will be her downfall. She can be great ally and great benefit but problem is she not paying attention to any one else outside main 4. So I say go with the 3rd prince he could be to some benefit in the long run we have to wait and see and as for bill keeping hi close to wobble and let pika answer the door since he only one to react in time in case something goes wrong but his options are too limited with out calling one of the zodiacs in for help.

I find it very interesting that not only princes each get character development, but also random guys like vincent, balsamico and shimano. The wait for each chapter is real. Everyone's talking about shimano's quick thinking, but kurapika's dialogue with tubeppa's servant was fantastic. As soon as he mentioned they were coming over to negotiate, no matter what their situation was, I felt kurapika was fucked. But then he immediately used benjamin's new assassin at his door as a deterrent to force them to go along with his schedule without making them an enemy. Kurapika's still an amazingly quick thinker.

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