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Hunter X Hunter 371 Spoiler Release:Kurapika asks the participants whether they want to resume the lesson or not. Kurapika and Bill are questioning Shimanu. After being asked if she killed Barigen or not, Shimanu denies it. Shimanu argues that it could be Wobble’s nen beast that killed Barigen, but Kurapika explains the difference between Nen beasts and the snake. Nen beasts can be seen by Nen users but not by normal people. This time everyone was able to see the snake, and it’s likely the snake was created through a conjurer’s ability. Using Nen means that you take the risk of being seen by normal people but it also increases the power of the attack. The parasitic type cannot be seen by normal people, but the one using that power takes a different type of risk. At that moment, Kurapika comes up with a thought. If one person drops out of the succession war, then the contract will be broken and it’s likely that everyone’s Nen beats will vanish. They resume the Nen lesson and no one dropped out. 5th floor: Some random guys are forcing people to pay a toll fee. The phantom troupe appear. Phinks, Nobunaga, Feitan, and Franklin are there. They beat up the random guys and order them to find a person who is taller than 190cm. Lower Level: Machi meets up with Chrollo. She tells him that she will be the one to kill Hisoka, but Chrollo says the one who finds him first is allowed to kill him. Apparently, Hisoka is on the ship too. Somewhere on the first floor: There are 14 Capsules in a big room. Momoze’s corpse is inside one of the Capsules. The Capsules are connected with a cable to a machine that is in the center of the room.

Dimaria Yesta

Dimaria Yesta is a member of the Alvarez Empire and serves under Emperor Spriggan as part of his personal guard, the Spriggan 12. A supreme warrior, her valor and feats on numerous battlefields have garnered her the title of "Valkyrie", a goddess of war. She is a descendant of the people of Mildian and the chosen vessel of the God of Time, Chronos. Dimaria is a buxom young woman with a slender figure. Her wavy, blonde hair is cropped short, reaching only the base of her nape. It is quite messy, giving it a somewhat spiky appearance. While it is mostly swept back, some bangs hang down her forehead, curving away from the face on either side. Her brown eyes droop at the edges. The mark of the Alvarez Empire is branded on the outer side of her left calf.

Dimaria's casual attire is quite revealing. Her top consists of a simple brown bandeau, with the upper edge embroidered with a flowery, white lace. She also wears loose, pin-striped capri pants, the ends of the legs tightening around her calves. The hems of the legs are decorated with dark piping. Her left forearm is covered by a dark band with a large, wing-like ornament attached to it beneath her elbow. Her right arm is encased in golden armor. While the part covering her upper arm and shoulder is plated, the rest takes the form of a simple gauntlet. Her neck is protected by gorget with a golden border and whose color matches that of her bandeau. A dark jacket with a light border is tied around her waist, allowing it to flare out behind her legs such that it hides her legs from view from behind but leaves them exposed from the front. The jacket has a large collar and lapels. The arms are knotted loosely below her abdomen, the ends hanging down. The light cuffs are quite prominent and each is encircled by a dark, studded band; she completes her outfit with a pair of simple sandals. Dimaria seems to have a relaxed and cynical personality, sporting an amused expression and a wry smile most of the time. Her demeanor compliments this, being informal in the presence of superiors and colleagues alike. In keeping with her personality, she has quite the sharp tongue, which she frequently employs to make scathing remarks, as well as to needle others in a roundabout manner, although she is not too fond of dealing with tiresome people. She shows very little concern for her colleagues' well-being and has exhibited blatant signs of schadenfreude in regards to teammate Brandish μ, whom Dimaria delights in teasing.

Dimaria's bearing on the battlefield is fitting for that of a warrior. She not only exhibits great composure, handling potentially irritating situations with great aplomb, but is also quite a ruthless individual as she refuses even children any hint of clemency. When an objective is at hand, she diligently plans to take it head on regardless of circumstances, even vying she could complete it as swiftly as possible, showcasing her bravado. As composed as she is, when she enters her "world" she becomes aggressive when there is anyone but her present, angrily wanting the trespassers to abide by her world's rules and or be taken out. Due to the power she has been blessed with from the God of Time, Chronos, she has a cocky fervor to herself, claiming that her Magic is all-world, thus being unbeatable. While she is not averse to toying around with any opponents who catch her fancy, her mischievous nature is tempered by a sense of caution which allows her to prioritize duty over pleasure. Despite her somewhat frivolous character, Dimaria takes pride in her position as a Shield of Spriggan and vows to strike the fear of their power in the minds of her enemies. s a descendant of the people of Mildian, Dimaria at some point was chosen by Chronos, the God of Time, to be his vessel, gifting her with his power in the form of God Soul, as well as the ability to control time in Age Seal. Upon Zeref's return to his palace in Vistarion, Dimaria and Ajeel Ramal arrive to greet him and are subsequently chastised by Invel for the casual manner in which they address the emperor. Zeref, however, is unconcerned and Dimaria listens with the rest of her comrades when he mentions the Dragon King Festival. At that moment, Yajeel brings Makarov Dreyar in to have an audience with Zeref, and Dimaria and the others are dismissed by their liege. Later, Dimaria visits Brandish in her room, questioning her lenient handling of the Fairy Tail Mages on Caracole Island. As Brandish typically replies that doing anything else would have been too tiresome, Marin Hollow chimes in by complimenting Dimaria, who suggests Brandish return Marin to his normal size. Finally, before leaving, she informs Brandish that the Spriggan 12 have been summoned by Zeref. Later during the meeting, Dimaria admonishes for her direct speech, saying that it is the main reason she is not popular. But, when Brandish retorts that she is the one who doesn't like people, Dimaria calmly states that they are similar. As the meeting proceeds, she unemotionally watches God Serena's performance and, after hearing Zeref's purpose behind declaring war on Ishgar, helps plan the invasion. As the Empire's assault begins, she and Wahl lead a fleet towards Hargeon. While on their way, Dimaria gets annoyed by her partner's incessant laughter, only to be informed about the defeat of their vanguard as well as Brandish's capture, the last piece of news proving to be a source of mirth for her. The two commend their enemy's strength, but Wahl immediately manifests a large cannon and targets Fairy Tail. Despite Dimaria's skepticism regarding his aim, Wahl opens fire. However, the shot is blocked due to Ichiya's sacrifice of Christina, much to Dimaria's amusement.

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