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HunterXHunter 368
Hunter X Hunter 368 Manga Release -I don't get why people are complaining over this last chapter focusing on a cockroach because this cockroach is going to play a big role in the whole spying session. And the tension that's building up between babimania and kurapika. Not every chapter is going to be 'blew my mind' level. I'm assuming that kurapika deactivated his et, then as the job of the dolphin, for the time being, is over. I like how the bodyguards have an individuality to them, they aren't all completely fodder and can actually do their job. Queen oito is a nice surprise as well, I like how she isn't a damsel-in-distress that pika has to protect all the time, she's intelligent and knows how to stand on her own feet. Probably that cockroach will play a big role when chrollo commit requiem pt.2 if that happens I will admit blew my mind level. Kurapika hasn't left emperor time at all the dolphin's still remains yet he's use hatsu!

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Apprehend the newest hunter x hunter 368 spoilers, Read hunter x hunter 368 scans Online. In the next chapter(s) I'm expecting queen oito to get a glimpse of the other princes' and their nen beasts and tserriednich's training. After that will be a training montage. I doubt kurapika is going to train everyone that wants to participate. Will he be able to enlist the help of his plants? Bisky and izunavi are already accustomed to teaching but seeing hanzo, basho and melody struggle with it should be fun. Hunter x hunter chapter 368 can be read in this page and will be updated to convey you the foreseen scanlations on its issue date.

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Plus we'd be able to gauge terrorsammich's pace compared to the bodyguards, and bavimaina's face of disgust while the other bodyguards struggle. I love this growing tension between kurapika and bhavimaina as they try and work each others moves out. Hopefully they fight each other at some point down the line, it would be truly epic. He already got rid of emperor time. So either kurapika is planning to fool them or he unlikely wants to use the same wing used for gon and kil. Or maybe he thinks the nen beast can help them awaken faster. It would make sense since they already had contact with nen. God, kurapika, finally getting rid of that forced emperor time in a few minutes. I think he won't keep using that ability for a long time, he'll probably just spy on the different princes room in the next chapter

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