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HunterXHunter 368
Hunter X Hunter 368 Manga Release -I don't get why people are complaining over this last chapter focusing on a cockroach because this cockroach is going to play a big role in the whole spying session. And the tension that's building up between babimania and kurapika. Not every chapter is going to be 'blew my mind' level. I'm assuming that kurapika deactivated his et, then as the job of the dolphin, for the time being, is over. I like how the bodyguards have an individuality to them, they aren't all completely fodder and can actually do their job. Queen oito is a nice surprise as well, I like how she isn't a damsel-in-distress that pika has to protect all the time, she's intelligent and knows how to stand on her own feet. Probably that cockroach will play a big role when chrollo commit requiem pt.2 if that happens I will admit blew my mind level. Kurapika hasn't left emperor time at all the dolphin's still remains yet he's use hatsu!

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Read hunter x hunter 368 online - hunter x hunter chapter 368 high quality english scan, read hunter x hunter 368 high quality (HQ) English scan first here in this website. Bhavimania and the rest of benjamin soldier remind me how diego had his own soldier with nen, just as diego and now the king and prices of kakin, they have acces to the best soldier of the country, they must have nen, maybe some of them know just the basic but still.

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Hunter X Hunter 368 Manga - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Now that kurapika is out of emperor time, we can finally flash forward a bit further into the journey! Though at most it would probably be a week, in tine for the next banquet. Unless it was in two weeks, is it every other week they do a banquet? Cause that would fall in line with kurapika's basics of nen school finishing up. Most people didn't notice that kurapika making people think bill is manipulator is also coherent with what he made benjamin think about his first bodyguard. Since vincent couldn't act properly, the first prince thought kurapika's team had a manipulator. In short, they made the most out of this situation. Can kurapika even use advanced nen techniques like en ? I'm asking because kurapika didn't get strong through conventional training but by taking a shortcut with a series of conditions and restrictions. I mean if he knows en he could've found that cockroach in seconds instead of waiting in emperor time until a bug appeared.

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