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HunterXHunter 368
Hunter X Hunter 368 Manga Release -I don't get why people are complaining over this last chapter focusing on a cockroach because this cockroach is going to play a big role in the whole spying session. And the tension that's building up between babimania and kurapika. Not every chapter is going to be 'blew my mind' level. I'm assuming that kurapika deactivated his et, then as the job of the dolphin, for the time being, is over. I like how the bodyguards have an individuality to them, they aren't all completely fodder and can actually do their job. Queen oito is a nice surprise as well, I like how she isn't a damsel-in-distress that pika has to protect all the time, she's intelligent and knows how to stand on her own feet. Probably that cockroach will play a big role when chrollo commit requiem pt.2 if that happens I will admit blew my mind level. Kurapika hasn't left emperor time at all the dolphin's still remains yet he's use hatsu!

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Hunter x hunter 368 spoilers and hunter x hunter 368 raw will be posted here under hunter x hunter manga series. For example the explanations were a bit redundant at times, showing the thought process of bill realizing what he had to do was kinda spoon feeding, babymania telling him to land the cockroach on his finger and him saying a pen will do, all the panels wasted on the cockroach flying and spinning, all the big panels of showing the bodyguards watching even though we know they do. We will be waiting for this and will inform you as soon as hunter x hunter chapter 368 is available.

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Hunter X Hunter 368 Manga - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

This was one of my biggest complaints about naruto, why did majority of the akatsuki have to be taken down by the leaf. Is no other ninja nation working towards capturing these criminals? The biggest impact during the last arc was also by the leaf village. It always bothered me that the story seemed to not move outside of the main characters. While this is still present within hunterxhunter it feels a present than a lot of other shouens.Oito and bill are putting in so much work. When kurapika praised her, it reminded me of pouf's "A fine play, pitou". Also, every chapter we don't see woble's nen beast my expectations go wilder.

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