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HunterXHunter 368
Hunter X Hunter 368 Manga Release -I don't get why people are complaining over this last chapter focusing on a cockroach because this cockroach is going to play a big role in the whole spying session. And the tension that's building up between babimania and kurapika. Not every chapter is going to be 'blew my mind' level. I'm assuming that kurapika deactivated his et, then as the job of the dolphin, for the time being, is over. I like how the bodyguards have an individuality to them, they aren't all completely fodder and can actually do their job. Queen oito is a nice surprise as well, I like how she isn't a damsel-in-distress that pika has to protect all the time, she's intelligent and knows how to stand on her own feet. Probably that cockroach will play a big role when chrollo commit requiem pt.2 if that happens I will admit blew my mind level. Kurapika hasn't left emperor time at all the dolphin's still remains yet he's use hatsu!

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Catch the latest hunter x hunter 368 English Would’ve been an intriguing scenario if Kurapika was forced to secure a spider for Little Eye and thus forced to show constraint against his natural reflexes while balancing this complex political mess & altercations with Bhavimania on top. Neat occasion, but oh well.

I guess a cockroach is funnier. And I can’t erase my mental image of Bill being such a flashy, showy conman on a cockroach – it’s like we’re witnessing petty fraud. “And with my secret power, I shall command this cockroach! Wait and you shall witness THE COCKROACH!”
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Hunter X Hunter 368 Manga - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

I thinks it makes sense they are since they are close people to the kakin royal family. You don't end up working for a queen or a prince without having a good education and being able to think things through. Though for this particular scenario I think it's fitting and realistic. These people have all dealt with convoluted royal family politics for years/their entire lives so regardless of their actual intelligence they have enough experience with quick thinking and strategy to be able to keep up in these situations. Queen oito is someone with initiative. Just as when she fooled kurapika into thinking she was halkenburg, this time she also displayed impressive thinking ahead of even kurapika. I must say I absolutely love her character. She came to the same realization as meruem and masadoru deigo that, ultimately, having power or wealth isn't what's important. All she wants right now is for her baby to be safe. And boy does she deliver. Least powerful queen who gave birth the weakest participant of an all-out war. She more than pulls her own weight. Kurapika's relief when he saw that cockroach. It probably saved him years of his lifespan. When he's as old as netero, he'll be thinking back and be like: "If it wasn't for that old cockroach and bill's mvp acting I'd be gone and buried by now".

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